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  • DU Armor Solutions was formerly known as MITgel. by Moor Innovative Technologies, LLC.
  • DU Armor Solutions has taken the best material technology and produced a body armor vest that statistically outperforms everything on the market.
  • The DU Armor Solutions team has decades of experience in materials science and the development and engineering of manufacturing processes.
  • The Mark V Vest has already been tested in an academic laboratory and endorsed by reputable figures in the body armor industry.

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Some background information 


The Armor that outperforms against the competition with National Institute of Justice evidence and the Department Homeland Security test on video.  https://youtu.be/NF-zM6e8m5Y

The compelling birth of a new armor that will change the battlefield and why it is a revolutionary paradigm shift. First of all aramids are simply a weak woven thread system that is flawed at the very first of its conception, granted it was the only armor produced back in the 1950’s and had a branding called Kevlar.

Just last January of 2019 the Department of Defense abolished Kevlar in any armor that is wearable on our military troops both home and abroad. What is the replacement? Dyneema is the replacement, how did this come to be? MITgel over the last ten years has produced data that has caught the eyes in the DOD. Moor Innovative Technologies discovered that through patent process the armor was so strong against pistol rounds that after testing by the NIJ MIT was being asked to visit across the United States to conduct demonstrations against what the Law Enforcement Agencies were wearing that being Kevlar.

MIT vs Kevlar became a item of interest because Kevlar was now being defeated out in the public with the deaths of Police and debilitating injuries on the job. MIT has a two-part armor system that provides remarkable protection that none other can claim or prove.

Test results are as follows MITgel armor weighs 8 pounds for a C-3 size which is a large male, is rated Level 3A, stops all hand gun rounds, stops shotgun slugs, is 100% stab-proof, has cooling capabilities, has a 7 year warranty, the gel is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and is inert, the gel also proves it eliminates focal point energy upon receiving a round by reducing the back face signature to all time lows as a soft armor in the industry. The current BFS that MITgel posted at Oregon Ballistics lab in Salem Oregon also a certified NIJ lab 8 weeks ago was 16mm low to 19mm high. MITgel is currently rated the best in the industry for back face signature.  https://youtu.be/QMI65c1N2ws   /  https://youtu.be/phKHyBlTC2g



Timothy Moore

Founder of MIT & Inventor of MITgel products

Richard Fox

Richard Fox

CTO Chief Technical Officer/ R&D

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