DU Armor Solutions Mark V Vest

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The MARK V is a lightweight, ballistic, and buoyant body protection system.

Anatomy of the MITgel Mark V Vest

Component & Design

MITgel Mark V Vest Anatomy
MITgel Mark V Vest Anatomy
MITgel Mark V Vest

More Specifications of the DU Armor Solutions Mark V Vest

Buoyancy, Sizes, Weight & Climatic Conditions

Mark V Vest Buoyancy


The DU Armor Solutions Mark V Vest is fully upgraded configuration is positively buoyant for a wearer with weight, including equipment, less that 92 kg. The Mark V Vest keeps above the neck of wearer afloat without assistance.

Marl V Vest comes in different sizes

Available Sizes

The DU Armor Solutions Mark V Vest is available in different sizes: small, medium or large. Other sizes are available by request.

MITgel Mark V Vest weight


The weight of the Mark V Vest is 6.0 kg (13-14 lbs depending on size). When fully upgraded (SAP, HAP, Trauma Panel, Outer Carrier) it weighs 12 kg (26.46 lbs)

MITgel Mark V Vest Climatic Conditions

Climatic Conditions

The Mark V Vest is not affected by temperature variations from -20°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F). Humidity levels can reach 95% at 40°C.

Ballistic Protection of the Mark V Vest

The DU Armor Solutions MARK V Vest has a V.05 compliant rating

SAP (Soft Armor Plates) Only

Protects against six rounds of 9mm x 19mm parabellum from 9mm SAF carbine, impacting at a minimum shot to edge distance of at least 51 mm and minimum intershot distance of 51 mm

SAP (Soft Armor Plates) with HAP (Hard Armor Plates)

Protects against six rounds of 7.62 x 39mm ball (mild steel core) of AK 47 at 10m and 7.62 x 51mm Indian Ball of 7.62 SLR/ Bold action at 10m. These are fired in single shot and have the same minimum shot to edge and intershot distances as per SAP only.

Testing Information

  • Ballistics testing was performed at the Oregon Ballistics Laboratory, University Place, WA in November 2020.
  • The sample was tested in accordance with NIJ- STD-0101.06 Level II.
  • Penetrations were determined by examining a clay block mounted behind the test sample.

View full report from Oregon Ballistics Laboratory.

DU Armor Solutions Vest Materials

What is Dyneema UHMWPE?

MITgel Vest Materials Dyneema UHMWPE?
MITgel Vest Materials Dyneema UHMWPE?

What is Dyneema UHMWPE?

  • DSM Dyneema produces an Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (UHMWPE)
  • According to the Dyneema material fact sheet, the UHMWPE used in DU Armor Solutions vests is a gel-spun, multifilament fiber.
  • The main characteristics of this material are high strength, low weight, low elongation at break, and resistance to most chemicals.
  • Contrasting other synthetic fibers, these properties are not impacted by the presence of water

Ballistic Protection Recognition

How are we recognised

DU Armor Solutions, formerly known as MITgel, body armor technology was presented at the Institute for Shock Physics’ Applied Sciences Laboratory in Spokane, WA in July 2021.

Dr. Y. M. Gupta, a Regents Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and a Director and Creighton Distinguished Professor in the Institute for Shock Physics states that “MITgel Body Armor appears to be promising technology”,

As a well known figure in the armor industry, this positive acknowledgement by Dr. Gupta indicates that MITgel body armor has immense potential to succeed and lead within the industry.

View letter received from the Institute for Shock Physics, Washington State University.

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