DU Armor Solutions Rate Dependent Foam

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DU ARMOR SOLUTIONS Rate Dependent Foam

Rate Dependent Foam is a lightweight polyurethane foam designed to provide impact protection padding by combining an elastomeric urethane backbone with a specific open cell structure.

The combination of cell size & shape and the elastomeric polymer both can be altered to meet a variety of requirements.

Rate Dependent Foam
Rate Dependent Foam

The urethane polymer provides flexibility, recovery, and energy absorption and in conjunction with the breathable cell structure, reacts to rapid compression to dissipate the impact load.

In instances where highspeed impact meets the protection padding, the flexible foam absorbs the energy.

With fast compression, the foam becomes stiff and spreads the point load of impact across a larger area of the padding, thereby reducing impact up to 90% in a single area.

On completion of impact, the lightweight foam pad returns to the original soft and flexible state.

Example of Tactical Padding with Rate Dependent Foam


Tactical padding rate dependent foam
Tactical padding rate dependent foam

Potential Markets for Rate Dependent Foam

How can it be used

Tactical Products

• Military/ Police protection
• Helmet padding
• Shoe padding/ innersoles

Athletic Protection

• Body padding
• Shin protection; Head/helmet padding
• Gym equipment

Packaging Solutions

• Fragile product shipping pads
• Moving day protection

Medical Products

• Hip protectors
• Operating table stabilizers
• Orthotics

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