River Dell High School Graduated 1969
River Dell Athletic Hall of Fame 2009- Football, Track, Wrestling

Production Assistant | Pioneer Energy Products
• Worked on designing and testing energy saving products for the home

VP of Manufacturing and Operations | Atlantic Thermoplastics 
• Developed processes for urethane production of innersoles and other foam products
• Patented machine and mold design of urethane machines used in production
• Automated machine and process for thermoforming
• Collaborated with Spenco Medical, Rocky Boots, Avon, Dr. Scholl’s, LL Bean, Implus


VP of Manufacturing and Operations/ Founder | ATP Manufacturing 
• Worked on research and development of the chemical and engineering components of polyurethane
• Innovated machine and mold designs used in production
• Patented processes used in polyurethane production
• Designed and produced an air bladder to be used for impact protection
• Collaborated with Wolverine, Redwing, General Electric, Mason, Reebok, Implus, Spenco Medical


President/Owner/ Founder | R&E Enterprises/ Foxco Industries 
• Worked on injection molding machine design and chemical formulations
• Developed urethane and TPE processes, leading to products for Implus Corporation
• Created a line of medical gel products used in operating rooms

2005 -

VP of Research and Design/ Founder | Polyworks, LLC 
• Developed froth chemical 3D product processes and machine design
• Co-founded G-Form Corp. to create and sell retail products
• Licensed machine and process technology to Rogers Corporation of CT
• Developed low-cost injection molding silicones
• Developed high-volume output gel technology
• Created molded hip-protection products for Impactwear

2016 -

President/Owner/ Founder | Foxco Industries/ IP8, LLC 
• Designed chemical systems, molds, and processes for tactical, medical, industrial, and sporting products
• Developed proprietary design and process for a seatbelt add-on product by ToughLove, Inc.
• Current projects include sporting helmet technology, tactical protection, froth foam applications, and advancement of low-cost gel technology

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